Independent Living

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Service Dog Memorial Act
Categorical Labels
Civil Rights
Housing Rights
Self Determination Skills
Voting Accessibility 2022
Inflation Savings
Olmstead – Part 4 of 4
Olmstead – Part 3 of 4
Olmstead – Part 2 of 4
Olmstead versus L.C. (Olmstead Act) – 1 of 4
Equal Opportunities
Gender Identity
Identity and Diversity
Voting Restrictions for Disabled Individuals
Gender Identities
Direct Systemic Advocacy
Accommodating Guests with Disabilities
Intersectionality of Individuals
Disability Advocates
Definition of Independent Living
Voting Rights Laws – Voter Suppression
31st Anniversary of ADA
Advocacy and Assistance
Independence Within Communities
Peer Supporters
Filicide – Disability Day of Mourning
Advocacy for Independent Living
Self Care
Voting – Make a Plan
ADA 30th Anniversary
Meet Nina Colman
Disability Inclusion
Overcoming Barriers Through Action
Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Caution and Safety
Advocacy Days Recap
Census 2020
The Us Protecting Us Group – Crisis Intervention
Ongoing Leadership and Advocacy Skills Training
Advocacy Events through Februrary 2020
Educational Opportunities
Gun Violence and Mental Illness
Online Accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce
Anniversaries and the Olmstead Case decision
Inclusive Post-Secondary Education
Deaf Gain
Voting and the ADA
Guardianship and Voting Rights
Voting Rights
Thoughts on Disability
Centers for Independent Living
The Power of Labels
Voting-the Power of Your Voice
Bridgette Suttle and the RESPECT Institute