Click here to see a video conference explaining recording from home


What microphone should you use?

You don't need a fancy microphone unless you are setting up a permanent studio. A gaming mic or simple USB microphone will be adequate. Here are some microphones we have worked with or have been suggested. You can find these at your local Best Buy or on Amazon. Also, for issues with the microphones, see below.


There are a variety of methods to read from home. We generally recommend Voice Memos on Apple devices (easiest to use), Soundtrap (most like the GaRRS booths) or Audacity (most features/best quality).


  1. Pros: Most simple, record in your browser. Cons: Low audio quality, no editing available, not highly recommended. Click here to see a video overview.
  2. Pros: Similar to editing in booth, record in Windows or Mac browser, easy to share files, good controls, sound check. Cons: Quality not as high, dependent on internet connection, must make frequent saves, can be glitchy. Click here to see a video overview.
  3. ♦ Apple Voice Memo- Pros: Easy to use, comes standard on Macs, iphones and ipads, easy editing. Cons: Audio quality not as good without decent mic, not available on Android, must Dropbox files. Click here to see a video overview.
  4. Garage Band- Pros: Comes standard on Macs, iphones and ipads, more editing controls, more features. Cons: not available on Windows/Android, multiple tracks, larger learning curve. Click here to start with Garage Band.
  5. Audacity- Pros: Free professional-level software, exceptional editing controls, great sound quality.  Cons: much larger learning curve, not practical for short-term recorders, must send audio file through Dropbox or FTP. Click here to see a video to begin using Audacity.
  6. Podcast Studio (Apple)/ Spreaker Studio (Android/Windows)- Pros: specifically made for podcasting, robust editing tools, desktop and app versions. Cons: Larger learning curve, must send audio file through Dropbox or FTP. Click here for an introductory video.

When you start recording, send us a sample 5-minute recording so we can make sure the sound quality is ok or if anything needs to be tweaked.  


After you are done recording, send us your file!

Option 1: Soundtrap- Send us an invitation to collaborate to (be sure you spell it correctly) when you finish recording. That is it!

Option 2: If the file is small, you might be able to email it to us--please send to Chances are it will be too big and you will have to send us a link (like in Google Docs) or use Dropbox.

Option 3: Dropbox- Used to send large files.

a. Download dropbox for desktop.

b. Save your files to your Dropbox. Video: How to save stuff in Dropbox

c. Share the file with GaRRS. Our Dropbox email address is Video: Sharing from the desktop app

Everyone: Please send the producers a “heads up” email that you sent the program in whatever system you used (Soundtrap, Dropbox, another FTP, etc.) This will be of immense help to keep things organized.


If you need additional help, email Rachel, Rebecca or, call a producer on duty at 404-685-2824, or Rebecca at 404-685-2822. And thank you for recording for GaRRS!