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Disabled Youth Challenges
Acknowledging Challenges and Advocating for Change
Youth Groups – Juvenile Justice
Empowered Youth Population
Advocacy Youth Specific
Addressing Needs and Interests for Youth with Disabilities
LGBTQ Youth of Color Face Many Stigmas
Youth with Disabilities and Parents’ Rights
Youth Become Leaders
Applying for a Job
Justice, & Juveniles with Disabilities
We Are More Than Our Disability
4th Saturday Youth Group – Monthly Meetings
Video Resumes for Youth
Advocacy – Youth Specific
Youth Advocacy – Monthly Group
Practice Soft Skills and Non-Verbal Communications
Youth Advocacy
Summer Activity Programs
Youth Department Services
James Turner – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Disabled LGBTQ Youth – Stigmas
Kim Gibson: Part 2
LGBTQ Youth Group
Kim Gibson
Monthly Youth Groups
FOCUS-Families of Children Under Stress
Voter Registration – Jamilah Shepard
Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership
Young People Creating Change
Youth with Disabilities Facing Disparities
Gender Identification & Preferences
Positive results of students participating in Youth programs
Telic Empowerment
Bullying and Gender Bias
Youth Transition: Emergency Shelter for LGBTQ Youth, ages 10-22
Job Skills: Persistence & Patience
Mental Health Programs & Support
Adults Having a Difficult Conversation
Summer Transition Program – Preparing Youth
Youth – LGBT Diversity and Inclusion
Hal Simpson of Georgia Blind Sports- Staying Physically Active
Summer Employment Program
Your Choice Caregivers
GVRA – IEP Application Process
Voting Has Power
Youth Transportation
Employment Application Tips
Employment – Preparation and Training Process
Employment and Public Speaking
Disability Link/AAPD Summer Internship 2019 (December 2018)
Disabilities in the Entertainment Industry
Social Media
Mental Health
Acceptance of Your Disability
A.A.P.D. Summer Internship Program
Using the Internet for Education