Eye On Blindness

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Airs on the second Saturday of the month. Join Jane Boynton as she interviews a variety of service providers across Georgia and explores various programs and services available to listeners who are visually impaired.
Jennifer Bethel
Clayton Roper
Madeline Ryan Smith
Jody Franco
Robert Ruprecht
Mike Duke
Ken Mitchell
Rich Crawford
Bridgette Suttle
Lavell Keeling
David Deaton
Lauren Lieberman – Camp Abilities
Synge Tyson 2023
Dr. Alex Cohen
Marsha Farrow
Paul Booth
Sabrina Floyd
Cecily Nipper
Jasmine Seabron
Judy Presley
Vanessa Meadows
Garrick Scott
Bill Epperson – Client Services Manager for the Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI)
Susan Sweeney
Danny Housley
Annie Maxwell
Greg Aikens
Timothy Jones
Roderick Parker – Parliamentarian
George Freeman – Defense training for the blind
Lenore Ruff, Director of PhoneFaith
Dr. Cohiscan Thomas-Anderson
Mike Galifianakis
Vincent Martin
Wendy Mons – President of the Visually Impaired Foundation of Georgia
Ann Harrison
Kevin Fortune
Steve Longmire and Georgia Council of the Blind
Dorothy Griffin
Carson Cochran
McClain Hermes
Cheryl Echevarria
Phil Jones
Annie Obasih
Synge Tyson
Debbie MacDonald
George O. Vickers
Dawn Wells with Angel Eyes Fitness
Hal Simpson and the Georgia Blind Sports Association 2018 programs
Sina Bahram – Champion for Change Honoree
Georgia Blind Sports
State Representative Keisha Waites
Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ, part 2
Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ
The Braille Encryption Program at Central State Prison
Blind Tennis
Washington State Senator Cyrus Habib
Joanne Dickson Smith, Veteran and Para-Athlete
GCB’s 2017 Legislative Agenda
Georgia Library of Accessible Statewide Services (GLASS)
Blind Competitive Running
Beep Baseball and Beep Kickball
Georgia Statewide Coalitions on Employment for those with Disabilities
Observing the Eclipse
Joey Stuckey
National Guide Dog Awareness Month
Georgia Industries for the Blind
National Diabetes Awareness Month
Audio Darts
Assistive Technology, Tools for Life and Credit-Able
Benefits Navigator Program and Ticket To Work