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Dr. Vincent Martin and Dr. Synge Tyson explore research and new potential applications for individuals with limited ability to access print.
You Can Do That? How to Overcome Cognitive Biases: Part Three
You Can Do That? How to Overcome Cognitive Biases – Part One
Cognitive Biases
Lorenzo Powell – Senses Continued
Sensation and Perception of the World Around You
Do You See and Hear What You Hear? Part 1
2022 Updates
Living with COVID-19
Covid Smovid
The Results of COVID-19 on Research
Identifying Reliable & Credible Resources regarding COVID-19
More Research into COVID-19: Part 2
More Research into COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.
Dr. Young Mi Christina Choi – Georgia Tech College of Design
Academia – Journals and Conferences
Brianna Tomlinson – Human Centered Computing
Research Studies
Research Watch Introductory Episode