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GaRRS Service Programming

GaRRS Service Programming

A rebroadcast of our 30-minute program featuring information integral to the lives of our listeners:

1st Saturday: Out & About– take a trip with host Jody Franco as she provides a descriptive tour of sites and events around the world.

2nd Saturday: Eye On Blindness– join Empish Thomas as she interviews a variety of service providers across Georgia and explores various programs and services available to listeners who are visually impaired.

3rd Saturday: At Your Service– a monthly interview program hosted by Paula Ferguson highlighting Quality of Life programs and services of government, business and other service providers. The program concentrates on services for the blind, visually-impaired and print-impaired.

4th Saturday: Blind Viewpoint– Selected readings from the Braille Monitor with Edwina Sellan.

5th Saturday: Research Watch– Dr. Vincent Martin explores research and new potential applications for individuals with limited ability to access print.


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Event Timeslots (1)

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